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Stress & Stress Risk Assessments

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Understand stress risk assessments, improve absence management and long term sickness outcomes and how this impacts on the individual, workplace and the business as a whole with proven methods.

Course Lessons, Abs Menu: What is Stress & Work Related Stress, The Benefits of dealing with work related stress, Legal Obligations & Corporate Social Responsibility, What Actions Should you be taking, The Management Standards Approach, Completion of the Stress Risk Assessment, Stress Management Indicators, How Suitable & Effective are your Risk Assessment Methods, Dealing with your own stress, Useful Resources

Abs Related Tags: mental health, wellbeing, stress, risk assessment, corporate social responsibility, csr, absence, management standards, health and safety, depression, hr, human resources, level 3, cpd,

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Housing Associations Training

Found Abs in the category of Health & Safety Courses.

Understand conflict resolution, working at height and fire safety, using housing industry specific scenarios as well as other safety essentials such as accidents, CoSHH, manual handling and anti social behaviour.

Course Lessons, Abs Menu: Workstation Safety (DSE), Driving and Workplace Transport, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, Electrical Work, Events, Handling Cash/Banking, Home Working, Inspections of the Workplace, Manual Handling, Noise, Personal Protective Equipment, Working at Height, Anti Social Behaviour, Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), Discovery of a Fatality, Door Knocking, Lone Working & Home Visits, Mental Health & Drug & Alcohol misuse, Needlesticks, Pets and Animal Nuisance, Site Hazards, Accidents and Incidents, Asbestos, Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Misuse, Fire & Emergency, First Aid, Harassment & Bullying, Information, Legionnaires Disease, New & Expectant Mothers, Occupational Health, Office Moves, Portable & Transportable Electrical Equipment, Risk Assessment, Safety Signs, Slips, Trips & Falls, Visitors, Work Equipment/Plant, Work/Life Balance & Stress, Young Persons, Gas Safety

Abs Related Tags: housing association, induction, premises, housing, tenant, dwelling, health and safety, abs, anti social behaviour, harassment, conflict, display screen equipment, workplace, coshh, accidents, incident, substance misuse, bullying, lone, expectant mothers, occupational health, risk assessment, safety signs, visitors, equipment, work life balance, young person, award, level 2,

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Mental Well Being At Work

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Understand mental health, interventions and presenteeism. Learn how to address early warning signs and returning to work, in addition how it impacts the business and the individual.

Course Lessons, Abs Menu: The importance of good mental health at work, What is mental health?, Early warning signs and interventions, Prevention, Presenteeism, Return To Work, Making Reasonable Adjustments, Legal Responsibilities, Summary

Abs Related Tags: mental health, wellbeing, stress, trigger, presenteeism, absence, hr, human resources, human support, health and safety, level 3, cpd,

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Health & Safety For Managers

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Advanced management, 5 Steps to Risk Assessment (INDG163), HSG65 and case law to define principles including absolute, practicable, reasonably practicable and reasonable. Risk management including; COSHH, fire risk, hazards, control of contractors, accident management, legionella and gas service maintenance amongst other modules.

Course Lessons, Abs Menu: Duty of Care, Case Law, Understanding Risk Assessment, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, Driving and Workplace Transport, Electrical Work, Portable Appliance Testing, Control of Contractors, Manual Handling, Noise, Personal Protective Equipment, Working at Height, Accident and Incident, Asbestos, Fire and Emergency, Legionella, Gas Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Closing Summary

Abs Related Tags: rep, representative, hse, accident, management, law, managers, risk assessment, hsg, 65, safety coordinator, nebosh, fire risk, coshh, contractor, legionella, wellbeing, duty of care, case law, health and safety, hazard, audit, analysis, nebosh, popular, award, level 3, cpd,

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